Hrm practice of fsibl

Will our decisions affect any segments of our society that we have not considered. Ahmed presented a paper entitled "Islamic versus Conventional Banking: Bangladesh Bank BB gives emphasis on implementing corporate governance among the financial institutions and to do that, BB emphasis implementation of the guidelines issued by them for improving corporate governance in banking.

With a view to ensure effective participation and deep interest in the affairs of the company and as per Articles of Association of the Company and as per Bangladesh Bank Circular No.

Another problem was that it creates a lot of confusion regarding verification of data in case of interview from more than one person. Quard or interest free loan is provided to poor and meritorious students to help bear monthly educational expenditure including food, accommodation etc.

Donation to Lions Foundation for social activities. Managing scheduling logistics, modifying technology for remote access and conducting training sessions are essentially transactional functions.

CSR Activities of Eastern Bank, EXIM Bank, First Security Bank and IFIC Bank Ltd (Part-8)

The scope of the study is quiet wide as this report has covered the overall banking activities. By this time it has established an integral, customer friendly relationship with its clients, It has prominent saving scheme named DPS for a fixed or lower income group of people of this society.

It also helps arrange different national and international seminars as a sponsor. Business ethics of the division is similar to the ethics and values of mass people of our country.

For preparing the report, I have undergone group discussion, collected data and asked some questions and have taken interviews of the bank officials. Such kind of fundamental attribution error the employee may have ,linking the negative feedback to the person giving it.

The commercial banking activities of the bank encompass a wide range of services including accepting deposits, making loans, discounting bills, conducting money transfer and foreign exchange transactions, and performing other related services such as safe keeping, collections and issuing guarantees, acceptances and letter of credit.

Relevant file study as provided by the officers concerned.

Management & Head of Divisions

To establish a welfare-oriented banking system. Opportunity Scope of market penetration through diversified investment products. It is continuing its efforts towards the development of its manpower by providing required trainings, workshops, seminar etc.

Since current trends indicate that Islamic banking will continue to increase its penetration of conventional systems, policymakers and practitioners need to become acquainted with this process and its implications for financial supervision. A number of such small wins will help you be known as a good performer.

The most important of these required conditions are: Sound profitability growth and high asset quality. It indicates that Islamic banking seems to be the lucrative banking system.

This opportunity can be realized through: These can be reflected in the quality of financial reporting and disclosures; strength of internal control system and internal audit function induction of professionally competent, independent non-executive Directors on corporate Board; formation of Audit Committee; delegation of authority to executives and staff; protection of corporate governance for strengthening organizational strength.

CSR practice in Bangladesh is a new dimension which is the main focus point of this paper. The key is to make the employee feel safe. Inthe bank distributed rikshaws among the tornado victim families in Netrokona with a view to helping them return to income generating activities through self-employment.

Is it lack of skill to do the job or is it lack of motivation to perform. Recruitment practices underlie recruiting activities and functions such as sponsoring career fairs at colleges and universities with diverse student populations, advertising job vacancies across several venues to reach a broad audience.

Bank is a sophisticated business sector. Scope develops new committed entrepreneurs. Close monitoring on investment. Religious values and expectation of high earnings are the main motives of conversion of the two banks.

Human resource management is the process of acquiring. Human resources management is very much important for every business organization. and compensating employees. This department of the organization works with the employee and the staff and worker.

Hrm Practice Of City Bank Introduction: The City Bank Limited is a full service scheduled commercial bank. It has both local and International Institutional shareholder.

Internship Report On “Compensation Package and Employee Job Satisfaction of First Security Islami Bank Ltd. (FSIBL)” An internship report submitted to the School of Business Studies, Southeast University, Dhaka In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the degree of Master of Business Administration Major in HRM Submitted.

Human Resource Management Practice. Job Analysis is a primary tool to collect job-related data. The process results in collecting and recording two data sets including job description and job specification. First Security Islami Bank Ltd (FSIBL) is one among the best and most important bank for the Banking system of Bangladesh who are trying to convey Islamic Banking services as.

Hrd Practice In Bank Internal and External Factors Affecting Hrd HRD is the overall framework for helping employees their personal and organizational skills, knowledge, and abilities.

Hrm practice of fsibl
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Management & Head of Divisions – FSIBL