Literature review on online shopping 2012

Introduced for the first time in this third edition is a set of Discovery Points, 46 in total. The results showed that gaming addicts had higher impulsiveness, perseverative errors, increased volume in left thalamus gray matter, and decreased gray matter volume in ITG, right middle occipital gyrus rmOGand left inferior occipital gyrus lIOG relative to the control group.

Big companies such as eBay and amazon. All they have to do are just browse for the product they want in the website and within a few mouse clicks they are off.

Gaming cues appeared as strong predictors of craving in male online gaming addicts [ 44 ]. Specifically, these regions appeared to be increased and calibrated, indicating that in Internet addicts, neuroadaptation occurs that synchronizes a variety of brain regions.

Internet addicts showed lower FA throughout the brain orbito-frontal white matter corpus callosum, cingulum, inferior fronto-occipital fasciculus, corona radiation, internal and external capsules relative to controls, and there were negative correlations between FA in the left genu of corpus callosum and emotional disorders, and FA in the left external capsule and Internet addiction.

Given the non-experimental and cross-sectional nature of the study, alternative explanations for brain alterations other than addiction cannot be excluded. Excessive gamers also displayed less inhibition on both self-report and behavioral measures.

Possible confounding variables may have had an influence on brain changes. However, customer rights and security aspects are not just the responsibility of online merchants. The method for assessing D2 receptor availability examined regions of interest ROI analysis in ventral striatum, dorsal caudate, dorsal putamen.

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It was reported that Internet addicts suffered from functional brain changes leading to abnormalities in regional homogeneity relative to the control group, particularly concerning the reward pathways traditionally associated with substance addictions.

The sample comprised 19 college students with Internet addiction and 19 controls. They also concluded that more experienced Internet users tend to have more concern regarding privacy issues but less concern on security issues PET Studies Koepp et al.

This appears to indicate that rather than being detrimental to perception speed and auditory stimuli processing, Internet addiction may have no effect on these specific brain functions. Most of them regard their personal information as their main concern U. This may be explained by a frequent engagement with Internet applications such as games, which require a stronger connectivity between brain regions in order for learned behaviors and reactions to addiction-relevant cues to occur automatically.

He added by saying that hackers could easily infiltrate and get customers personal information online as online shoppers are not anonymous. With features such as price comparison, product photos and user reviews, consumers can shop easily and smartly without even going to the stores and having such a hard time looking for the products they want.

References Fernandez, Ana, and Anthony D. It was argued that there is a similar biological basis of different addictions including online gaming addiction. The results showed that ventral and dorsal striata were associated with goal-directed behavior.

Now, after knowing that privacy and security issues are vital for consumers in online shopping, I would like to know the emphasis in the real world. Results showed that Internet addicts had lower GMD in the lACC necessary for motor control, cognition, motivationlPCC self-referenceleft insula specifically related to craving and motivationand the left lingual gyrus i.

During exposure to game cues, Internet gaming addicts had more brain activation in left occipital lobe cuneus, left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, and left parahippocampal gyrus relative to the control group.

It was also reported that Internet addicts had reduced dopamine D2 receptor availability in the striatum i. Some other sites however, do not even have privacy and security policy posted implying that they do not protect their customers Hairell Taking all these contents as a whole, I would say that in any situation, people can still shop online safely provided they understand the reality and take some precautions above all.

As the prominent method of payment is credit card, consumers should be more aware in handling it Internet Life, to be an ace consumer, online shoppers need to prepare themselves with some basics Halpin. purpose of this study is to determine the factors influencing consumers’ attitude towards e-commerce purchases There is no significant relationship between consumers‟ risk and attitude towards online shopping.

LITERATURE REVIEW [Special Issue –February ]. shopping to online total retail size in India is billion dollar (Technopak, ). Out of that organized retail is 34 billion dollar (7 % of all retail) (pwc, ).


Internet and Gaming Addiction: A Systematic Literature Review of Neuroimaging Studies

Shopping online has never been so easy. With the flourishing numbers of online merchants, people nowadays have various choices to do their shopping. Bookshelf IconInstant Access · Eco-friendly · % Offline · Over 1 Million TitlesCourses: Biology, Nursing, Psychology, Business.

Factors associated with student persistence in an online program include satisfaction with online learning, a sense of belonging to the learning community, motivation, peer, and family support, time management skills, and increased communication with the instructor.

Even at an early stage, diverse big data have been applied to tourism research and made an amazing improvement. This paper might be the first attempt to present a comprehensive literature review on different types of big data in tourism research.

Literature review on online shopping 2012
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