Nstp concept paper bakakeng

It said that financial human resource management as the core of the concerns in the Program implementation of the non-military program components of NSTP, thus, focus is placed on resource generation and social mobilization in this phase.

But always inform and ask permission from the owner before you take pictures.

Assessment of Internal and External Environment A scan of the internal and external environment is an important part of the process. Write important details regarding your duty such as comments, suggestions, and problems encountered with students, teammates, and school personnel.

Finalize editing of project concept papers incorporating results of consultations. The guide formulated intended for NSTP non-military program component implementers aims to prescribe basis on how to deal with the areas of concern along their implementation.

Bibliography Books Calmorin, Laurentina P. Prepare letters and project concept paper to be presented to the partners during the meeting. Your documentation will include a narrative report and pictures. Leave them a contact number which they can contact directly if graffiti will again appear in the area for immediate comeback graffiti removal.

Sincerely inform and ensure to the owner that the pictures are just for documentation purpose. The NSTP implementers should work collaboratively with the other units of their HEI so as to institute a multi-disciplinary, holistic and participative approach to addressing the problems and needs of the communities they serve.

Graffiti vandalism is glaring along the Bakakeng Road. The above concerns indeed necessitate an education campaign to conscientization and involve the youth in their promotion and resolution. This is a major requirement of your course.

Hence, the NSTP implementers are wanting of having a basis for implementation to serve as frame in the operation of the non-military program components.

Inputs to Strengthen Policy Implementation. Inform and ensure to the owner that the assessment result will be brought only to the SLU NSTP office for further study and preparation. Exercise and exhaust your critical thinking and wisdom to decide on other concerns relative to the said work; remember, however, that any decision or action you make is you responsibility and accountability.

The narrative report is a journal or narration of the activity proceedings. Ensure that you will not get hit by a vehicle nor get bitten by dogs if there are. Try to ask for their contact number, or provide a contact number that they can contact if they want to relay information that concerns the project.

Nstp Concept Paper Bakakeng

Alternative Fieldwork Troubleshooting 1. After the assessment, summarize and update the owner of the results. Remove or repaint graffiti around the central business district.

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Schedule the actual repainting and or cleaning of the identified graffiti. Engaging in community works should be viewed as an indispensable process whereby citizens render voluntary and altruistic service development initiatives. Never create distraction on the roadside that may offend any motorists.

Included in the Guide are samples of forms and documents of different sorts to serve as guide for the implementers. The amendment of RA ushered in college students to be marching under a different tune. Never create distraction on the roadside that may offend any motorists.

The Supervising Instructor ensures that appropriate procedures, guidelines and other plans are prepared, approved, implemented and followed.

Continuation of Apostolate Fieldwork MayG. Every narrative report must be countersigned or attested by the Supervising Instructor. This phase involves a needs analysis strategy for student trainers and the community consisting of consultative and participatory modes involving stakeholders and interest groups.

National service training program in the Philippines

To be taken pictures also are meeting with officers of offices and visit of venues. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site.

10) Secure endorsement of the concept paper of the apostolate for the current term from the NSTP Coordinator, STE Dean, External partner(s), SAO and University Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Nstp Concept Paper Bakakeng

11) Processing the approval of the University President on the apostolate for the current term. General orientation Formulation of Concept Paper and Questionnaire Consultation with the NSTP Coordinator Research and Revisions Consultation with the NSTP Coordinator Finalization and General Evaluation Date May 2.

Nstp Concept Paper Bakakeng. SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY NATIONAL SERVICE TRAINING PROGRAM (NSTP) OFFICE SCHOOL OF. CWTS in the School of Statistics Each college in the University of the Philippines has a free hand in the implementation of a selected program component of NSTP as long as it follows its program concept.

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Nstp concept paper bakakeng
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